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And the Children Shall Lead - Shepton Mallet Prison

'And the Children Shall Lead' was a giant board game situated in the main space of C-Wing as part of the Outside In exhibition and Somerset Art Weeks 2022. Visitors were invited to awaken their inner child by playing the game; rolling the giant dice and collecting tokens along the way to create a large collaborative sculpture that grew over the duration of the exhibition. In keeping with mystic traditions of the Triangle symbol, each token represented a message we want to send to the planet and cosmos. Finally, forming one collective message.

This artwork invited visitors to the exhibition to embrace the ‘Sanctuary’ within themselves in the form of playfulness, creative imagination and of course, laughter! 

For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky -Shepton Mallet Prison 


'For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky' was a cell installation of coloured 3D triangles accompanied by the sound of a Black Hole at the centre of the Perseus cluster of galaxies, recorded by NASA in 2022 which was transposed 57 & 58 octaves to be audible to human hearing.  Triangles represent the three elements of our being that need to be balanced in order to reach enlightenment, such as:

Mind, body and spirit

Mental, physical, and emotional

Birth, growth, and death

When we feel locked within the constructed prison cells of our mind, Solace may be found in remembering that we are all part of a larger universe among the stars.

The visiting public were invited to make small 3D triangles to add to the installation. 




Transmission - Cadbury Castle


'Transmission' 2022 is a site response work answering the question "What captures your attention?" asked by Artist Coach Fiona Winning during a walking coaching session to the top of Cadbury Castle in Somerset.

A Pink Horse coat, a Yellow Ginko Tree, and a Manhole Cover sprayed Blue. The triangle was placed on the stone circular plinth in an attempt to transmit an abstract visual recording of the Somerset landscape to the cosmos.

Cosmic Triangles  

Triangles Pdf 1 copy 3.jpg
 Triangles Pages 2.jpg

Digital artworks 2022. Cosmic code signals are created as gifs and hosted as NFTs in a Meta universe.  

Digital Prints 

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