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Funded by a-n Artist Bursary 2021 TIME, SPACE, MONEY

My aim was to create a Contract of Self Care as a free, downloadable resource to support a best practice model for artists who have a social practice as well as participating members of the public involved in their projects. Also to explore ways of working as a social practice artist that is sustainable for artists with physical and mental health disabilities. Developing a Contract of Self Care to support artists in avoiding Burnout.


The Contract of Self Care is now hosted as an Artist Resouce by the following organisations:

VASW (Visual Arts South West)

AHSW (Arts & Health South West)

SAN (Social Art Network)


A free Pdf of the Contract of Self Care can be downloaded below. Please do not use this resource for commercial use, as part of a funded programme or for funding purposes without my consent. Please do consider employing me to present or run a workshop around the resource as part of your project.

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