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Rest as Protest 

In 2022, I received a Develop Your Creative Practice (DYCP) grant from the Arts Council England which has given me the opportunity to develop the Rest As Protest project (Movement).  The work is inspired by my own lived experience as a disabled and neurodivergent artist. Part of this movement is an enquiry into whether Resting, Slowing Down and Doing Less may be a powerful means to combat climate change, acting as an antidote to consumerism and hyper productivity.  I believe Rest offers us the time, space and stillness to re-imagine who we are in relationship to ourselves, our community, nature and the planet. 

SelfCare.Scarf_LavenderDreaming cmaster.jpg

'Self Care Scarf / Lavender Dreaming 2023

© 2022 Luminara Florescu

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