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22nd May - 5th June 2022

Supported by Somerset Skills & Learning Community Project Grant

Stories from the Other Side is a HEARTHSTONE Ways project led by artist and creative director, Luminara Florescu. Set in the ominous 400 year old building of Shepton Mallet prison in Somerset, the project explores the techniques used by members of the spiritualist movement first originating in the US and current techniques used in parapsychology. 

While exploring the 400 year old building, I guided participating members of the public in using digital technology, automatic writing and deviation tools to conduct their own paranormal investigation.  The words and images they captured were used to build a case file and develop a story of a fictional (or maybe real) person connected to the prison now communicating from the Other Side. This data was cross-referenced with the prison's historical records of former prisoners and staff.  


I created the Stories from the Other Side sound journey mixed from the voices of the spirits that came through along with the participant's own reactions. The recording is available below - for the best experience please listen with headphones.

Participants' Feedback


'Historically interesting, fun, informative, lovely organisers'

'I learnt a lot about the different tools/equipment used when communicating with the paranormal. A lot of insight - very fascinating.'

' This event really helped me with my social anxiety as it showed me I could be with other people learning something new and have fun. The organisers made me feel safe.'

'I loved the grounding mediation we did before each session. It really helped me as I was feeling a bit nervous at the beginning.'

'I had so much fun! Please run this event again!

'What a fabulous and fascinating event. The organisers were so friendly, helpful and had great knowledge of the prison and its history.'






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