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The ‘pOrtal’ – Fourthland

June 2020

“Cosmic council announces the PORTAL.  Part audio story, part vision quest that we will release with each solstice.  The first edition includes some exciting and powerful contributions from exchanges with @luminarastar_artist and @catherinestrogers…as they honour ancient and primordial modes of communication; voices from other realms and visions.

Our intention for the PORTAL is to connect with spirit, stories and the marginal, revealing things that are hidden and things that are sacred.” – Fourthland



“Even when I am not listening, I am being called back to my great grandmother’s land. It is an intuitive yearning of the soul, the heart, and the womb. Stories of Muma Pădurii, the mischievous old woman who lives in the forests of Romanian, are passed down from grandmother to grandchild throughout the generations. Some stories of this old Goddess, with her unyielding wildness, are uneasy to hear – the enslaver of children and eater of men – and yet, listen deeply enough and we hear the truth….” 

– Luminara Star Florescu

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