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22nd March - 24th May 2021


Colour Your Mood was an online, 10 weeks Zoom Club commissioned by Seed Sedgemoor.  I guided participants in creating Visual Mood Journals in respond to a journey through the history of ten colours. The activity promoted a sense of wellbeing while allowing participants to experiment with a wide range of simple art materials and techniques including cut and paste collage.


Participants' Feedback

'Thank you for such a lovely session, I am really enjoying this' Sharon


'It is so wonderful to experiment and not worry about making mistakes' Mandy


'I am using my journal to remind myself to practice Self Care and to remember good things in life. I miss my grandchildren so much and I loved creating a page in my journal about them' Pat


'I like putting nice memories into my journal and using old tickets etc from past family holidays to remember special times' Hannah


Thank you for this Zoom Club I am enjoying it so much. It is something to look forward to every week' Judy


'I'm really enjoying these sessions. I like the techniques being suggested and had a great time ripping images and making a mess. It feels very freeing' Pat

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